1. The most popular reason why many companies opt for a virtual office is because it helps reduce costs. No company, no matter how successful they are has extra money to throw away in today’s economy, and that is why the virtual office is such an attractive choice for many businesses. The virtual office space eliminates three major costs for their clients. First off, the virtual office eliminates the need to pay a full time office staff. Keeping an office staff on the payroll full time is expensive no matter how small your office may be. The virtual office has a competent staff of office workers which perform all the same duties as a company’s own private staff would do, but since they are working for a number of different companies as once, the final cost is drastically lower. Secondly, the rent is significantly lower for a virtual office than for a private office, no matter where that office may be located. A virtual office can be leased in the heart of the downtown areas for far less than it would cost to lease a private office, even if that office is located far away from the city’s central business district. In most cities today, the cost of rent is one of the heaviest burdens that a company has to bear, even more so when said company is just getting started. Lastly, the virtual office saves money because it allows the renter to lease on a short term basis. Companies such as, provide month by month leases for their customer, which means that their clients don’t have to figure in the major risk that the company will no longer need an office five months down the line, and yet still be stuck paying the monthly rent. Companies that free themselves of risks such as long term leases, are free to invest extra capital where it is needed most; in the company’s expansion.
  2. Virtual office space allows a company to move if the need arises. Anyone who has ever been part of a new business venture will tell you that the chances a company will need to change locations within the first two years are very high. A new company has to test the waters before it knows exactly where to set anchor and the virtual office allows for those types of transitions to happen quickly and with a minimal loss of funds. Most virtual office agencies have offices in different cities, meaning that a company may even be able to transition into a new city using the virtual office service that they have already grown accustomed to.
  3. Lastly, virtual offices can help smaller companies obtain the image they need to compete with old, more powerful agencies. New companies are not going to be able to afford to set up a big office downtown when they are just getting started, but with the virtual office it is feasible to have what appears to be a serious office space without putting down tens of thousands of dollars to lease a big time office.


  1. The fully functioning virtual office space with available meeting room space is one of the most popular choices in virtual office rental today. The top of the line virtual office, also known as virtual executive office space, is the Cadillac of virtual offices. Executive suite space is for companies with higher budgets for office space, as well as those which require frequent meeting rooms in order to receive customers in a formal setting. The executive office space often comes with a permanent office within the virtual office where clients can conduct business as needed. Executive office rentals, while pricey, combine the comfort of a fixed office space with the easy of a self-operating, independently managed virtual office. Many large companies that are based overseas but which frequently do business outside their home base prefer the executive office as it allows them to travel freely from place to place while maintaining the appearance of having a full time office in every new country or city that they visit. Executive offices are equipped with custom touches for their premium clients such as company names on the office floor, as well as private lines for exclusive clients. There is almost no end to how an executive office can be molded to fit the exact needs of their top clients. Online sites such as, provide custom executive office services to their clients from all over the world. Companies that have need for multi-lingual office staff can easily find the help they need through an elite virtual office service, as well as international links between one virtual office and the next. Some of the most powerful companies from across all areas of industry are currently users of these executive style virtual offices.
  2. The out of area virtual office is another option that is very popular currently. Not all companies have the need for an actual business space within their virtual office, which means that they may find it cheaper to use a service that operates from out of the city or state where the company is located. Virtual office rental in areas of the country where the cost of living is on the rise currently, as it provides companies with all the services they need for a much lower cost than they could otherwise obtain in their areas. In cities such as Denver, renting even a virtual office that operates within city limits can be a very costly venture, but there are options just outside of town, or even outside of the state of Colorado. Companies interested in the out of town virtual office services must remember that they will have very limited access to the actual office space, and should look to other options if that presents any issues.
  3. The virtual office used as a direction for legal purposes is very useful for many small companies. For obvious reasons businesses don’t want to list a residential address as their company headquarters, and for those people the virtual office can provide a business address where legal documents and other important correspondence can be sent. Often times the cost of these types of virtual offices is so low that the tax write off alone pays for the cost.

A panel of magazine editors comment on the wonders of virtual offices

When Annie James decided to start her own cooking magazine, she didn’t realize how hard it would be to find writers and other editors in her area to help her put the magazine together. She admits she has no shortage of people interested in being apart of the magazine, but many of them were hoping to be able to work remotely from their homes. This was not something that she had taken into consideration.

“You how the movies always show people who work for a magazine or a newspaper all huddled around a giant table arguing back and forth about which articles are going to make it to the final publication? That’s what I thought running my own magazine would be like. I thought I would be able to get this great, talented group of people all in one room so that we would be able to collaborate on this project together. However, it turns out its a lot easier to get people together in one online chat.”

Today, Annie is part of our panel of magazine editors who have made use of the rising trend of virtual offices. Annie shares that she was introduced to this tool by one of the writers applying to her magazine.

“Basically, there was a writer I was interviewing and then I realized he was from out of state. I told him during one of our phone conversations that I was wasn’t hiring in his area because I would not be able to get over there to meet with him. He asked if there was any chance I would be interested in using virtual office spaces so that I would be able to hire writers from anywhere in the country. In the end, that applicant became my tech specialist instead of a writer, but without his suggestion, I would have missed out on hiring so many talented writers.”

Susan, an editor from Texas, says she is also grateful for the doors that virtual offices has opened for her publication. “When I first started my magazine, I didn’t even realize there was other formats that magazines could take other than hard copies. In the last couple of years, we have started publishing a digital version of our magazine, and I would not be able to do that every issue if my writers and other editors weren’t already utilizing virtual offices. Because we are all connected through this rental service, we can communicate at any time of the day, and when single piece of that issue is ready to go, its so easy to transfer everything from our online office platform to the actual publication site.”

Norah, a long time editor from Denver, shares her advice for utilizing these virtual offices. “The best thing you can do is to make your magazine compatible with virtual offices. I personally found Your Office Denver to be a very helpful company to go through for this service. They have so many options, and so many additional services that you can incorporate into your office spaces. Essentially, everything you need to run a successful magazine is all online.”

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A retiring CEO gives advice on how use virtual offices to attract college graduates

When Mr. Johnson opened his small business in her early twenties, he admits that the world was a very different place. “There was no shortage of people looking for jobs who where willing to work hard to learn the business even if they had no prior experience. All you needed to prove you were qualified for the job was your high school diploma. That piece of paper said you were able to learn and learn fast, and that was all we need to know. Now a high school diploma isn’t even enough to get you an entry level position. We require so much from our potential hires now a days. Sometimes, it seems like the hurdles we make them jump through for a job is just a little ridiculous, but we put those hurdles in their path nonetheless. Then we wonder why the pool of applicants is so small when we are looking to hire.”

He says that employers need to start meeting their applicants somewhere in the middle. That means asking for a reasonable number of years of prior experience, relevant work experience or education history, and understand that there are applicants who’s talents are not being tapped into because they just can’t physically be at the office everyday. “Overtime, the executive offices headquarters of my company moved around a lot. At one point we were located in the heart of Los Angeles. Now, Los Angeles is one of those places that is not the easiest to relocate to. The cost of living is high, and its just a very congested, busy place to live. Its really hard to ask potential hires to move there for a job. More specifically, its hard to get recent college graduates to relocate for a job.”

College graduates, he notes, are usually on a very tight budget that prevents them from making big moves for the sake of a job. But if those students aren’t willing to move, then big companies loose out on the opportunity to hire new talent. There is one simple solution to this issue according to Mr. Johnson. He says companies need to invest in virtual office rentals. “Virtual office spaces are the best way for businesses and companies to get the best and brightest working for them. If you want to have all the best talent at your firm, then you need to make it possible for college graduates who don’t have the means to move to still be able to work for you. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that when you meet an employee half way like this, you company will only benefit.”

If there are still employers out there that have doubts about how useful this kind of technology will be for their company, he suggests they get in contact with a company that provide rental services like Your Office Denver. They will walk you through the entire process of setting up the right kind of office application for your company. “If you are willing to take a chance on this amazing innovation, you will open your company up to a whole new world of applicants.”

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Differences between a traditional office and a virtual office

While it is a fairly new idea, it seems that more and more companies are choosing to ditch the traditional office space for one that is virtual.  A virtual office allows employees to work whenever and wherever they are.  In addition, most businesses’ operate at least partly, online.  Therefore, it only makes sense to give up the physical office. However, to some, there is a stigma around a business that only operates online and has no brick and mortar location it begs the question of whether or not you can realistically handle all of your business and technology needs from home or a remote location.

Studies have shown that the general public is more likely to trust a company that has a physical office address listed on its website.  In addition, the better the address, the more they will trust you.  For example, you will have better luck getting customers if your address is listed on Fifth Avenue in New York City, than if your address is listed in the Bronx or Harlem.  Furthermore, with an actual location to go do, you do not have to worry about where and when to schedule meetings.  You will have an office to conduct them in at a time that is convenient for both you and your client or prospective client.


However, if you do not conduct very many meetings or are able to hold them online, then the ever increasing expense of maintaining an actual office may not be necessary.  Furthermore, without a physical office, you do not have to worry about whether or not your employees get along or if there is enough paper in the copy machine.


Therefore, you may want to begin looking into how to set up and maintain virtual office space.  Small businesses, as well as new and upcoming businesses, are likely to benefit the most from a virtual setting.  This is due to the fact that both types of companies will have a limited budget with which to work and do not need most or all of it going toward paying rent.  Furthermore, you can very easily rent space to hold meetings in if you or your client is in need of a face to face.


Another option that goes beyond simply renting a meeting space is to become part of a virtual office rental.  Without ever leaving your home you can get the assistance you need from a secretary who can answer phone calls for you, set up your schedule and either forward important calls or take messages based upon both your preference and the urgency of the caller.  In addition, when you become part of a virtual office rental, you also get both a physical address that you can put on your website, as well as a phone number with dedicated lines that are just for your business.


Should you choose to open a virtual office, do not let yourself become isolated.  Go out and be with people, as well.

Why you should work in a virtual office

If you are trying to convince your employer to set up a virtual office, or if you have the opportunity to work for a company that has one, here are several reasons to do so.


  • Decreased overhead. When a company decides to ditch the traditional office for virtual office space, there are no leases to sign, no cleaning service to organize and pay for and, in addition, employees have to supply their own desks and computers.
  • Flexible hours. Not only can your employees choose where to work from, they can also decide when to complete the tasks assigned to them.  Therefore, the mom of three can take care of her kids when they get sick and not miss a day of work.
  • Less stressed employees. When you do not have to worry about being on time or who will watch the kids, workers feel less stress and are therefore happier.  In addition, even though some look at less face to face interaction as a good thing, while others find it stressful and are happy to leave it behind for the calm and quiet of their own home.

  • Less stressed employees are more productive. Being able to prioritize what is important to do when makes it so that your workers will get more done over time.  This is due, in part to the fact that the office never closes, so to speak.
  • You can choose to have your office wherever you want it. That means that not only can you work from wherever you want, but you can also find a virtual office rental in buildings where you cannot afford full-time  Therefore, you can have a swanky address for getting mail and having the occasional face to face meeting and pay a fraction of the actual rent.  Additionally, there is usually someone there to direct phone calls and incoming mail, as well.
  • If you are just starting out, this is a great way to try things out. You can feel out the market and decide where, if anywhere, you would like your permanent office to be located.
  • Having a virtual office rental is a great way to go green. Not only will you use less paper, you and your employees will use less fossil fuel.  Without having to commute on a daily basis by either car, train, bus, or a combination of the three, you and your workers use less gas and coal.
  • It is easy to set up and maintain a virtual office. This is due to the advancement of technology, as well as the increase in the amount of web-based services that are available for use.  Not only do most people have a reliable internet connection, they also have subscriptions to websites that specialize in document creation and editing, as well as in the storage of those documents.  In addition, they also subscribe to video chat sites, and it goes without saying that they have a dedicated work email and text messaging for instant access.
  • Finally, who would turn down the opportunity to work in their pajamas all day.